Papa con Yuca ( Caballo Cumbia.

Papa con Yuca ( Caballo Cumbia

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Ignored by English-language media, rural uprisings spread across industries as hundreds of thousands protest US-backed govt. Artists have also started gathering in a whole new movement to support the situation. #yoquieropapaconyuca. Whether visual artists, well known musicians, bloggers, independent radio and so on.. Yo quiero Papa con Yuca is a solid, and perhaps the only project in where more than 50 artists and musicians have gathered to record a song without any interest more than sharing support to the Colombian "Campesinos" and their struggles. This has been one thing that connects every single Colombian, to defend the only thing we unanimously feel proud of.. The beauty and richness of our soil and its products. This is also serves as a showcase of CUMBIA BASS BEATS vol 2: Raza Takeover, which is a FREE cumbia loop library made by some of the best producers of Digital Cumbia. This song has been created using the loops in the library plus a synth from Corrupted Data's twerk it track. Cumbia Bass Beats II will be given for free and actually it has different dynamics to reflect today's musical fast changing environment. The whole compilation will be divide in Cumbia Bass Beats and CBB Raza Take Over. The first one will have cumbia loops that can fit into Moombahton, Dubstep, Twerk, Zouk Bass, 3Ball, Champeta or Plain Cumbia. Raza Take over will have more loops that can fit ANY style except they are Cumbia-Latin inspired.

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