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Lead single off the Driips EP. Lyrics: Particles gather slowly form into a life form Thoughts before matter rehydrating the unborn stopping the chatter when your heart is a sun storm climbing the ladder leave your words to inform sloshing through life like I'm walking in the rain 80 minutes in a daze to explain away the pain guess I'm screaming in vain over shit ill ever explain they can love your name and never know you in pain yo ima dodge me a bullet already forgotten her name she been numbing my face like I was lost in cocaine they keep on saying " Yo you make so money, why you complaining? It look like you made it-- yo you prolly feel amazing!" At first, i was high now that feeling is fading and i feel like I'm falling they kettle us together till we burn in the cauldron and co-exist with every breath you aint alone for you death forgot how to live been busy chasing checks been searching for treasure we been lost in a shipwreck forgot how to give when im swimmming in debt so what good is this heart if it's filled with regret? i told em.. i wrote a song for every person i met our energies combine come out our lungs as breath im floating

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