Pathways ( Free Download).

Pathways ( Free Download)

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I'm carving a path Watch them sit back and laugh And I don't just spend it I intend to get it back Double in fact Steady doing the math Doing a hundred on the highway till I run out of gas Hundred thousand miles Couldn't outrun my past Guess I'm stuck in this ocean Floating looking for focus Lost in the locust Surrounded by cobras Dose'n til we broken and shatter the moments Til we notice we open Memories are the reason we spoke it All the demons that we holden All the dreams that we holding Same reason we golden And it's hard to cope with It's the path of the chosen Walking toward the sun scolding No one to hold him Can't get too close Nobody knows him And every rose bloom and decompose You can read the poems but you cant hold the soul Just a broken heart slowly letting go Just a broken heart slowly letting go

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