Rooots - Waiting 4 Tonight [RAWCUT024].

Rooots - Waiting 4 Tonight [RAWCUT024]

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Our RAWCUT Series takes a trip to our hometown that is Montreal, this time around with the homie @rooots-montreal behind the wheel. After meeting this guy at our first events back in 2012-13, we saw a young man with potential. 3 years later, staying hard at work and constantly improving his productions, the fated collision is finally happening, and we are very pleased to present his fated RAW debut - the banging ''Waiting 4 Tonight''. RAW Records is all about fam, and few deserve that status like he does. Here's to the future homie, and don't ever forget the third ''o'' <3 Rooots: Facebook: Twitter: ☯ Follow RAW Records ☯ Twitter: Facebook: Soundcloud:

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