September (G-O Remix Ft. Suhmeduh).

September (G-O Remix Ft. Suhmeduh)

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    WILLYUM - 2016/03/20 06:29:07

    this is a dope song. nice composition my fellow musician!

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    Lost Astronaut - 2016/01/22 17:40:30

    Loving this BANX! Really neat harmonies and melodies from the vocals at 1:36 and throughout the drop the main top synth is catchy and balanced! We do feel that percussively you could take more attention over the tightness of your kicks and overall build up elements. Perhaps adding a few snare hits in the section through 2:20 would add power and energy to this funky vocal line! Keep working on the variety of elements in your productions and take your sound further - a more "expensive" sound! Keep being amazing :)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    suhmeduh - 2015/12/31 10:02:38


  • pikabob photo avatar
    chubbster - 2015/12/31 06:30:40




For those of you who enjoyed my You Belong With Me remix but couldn't download it before it was removed from SoundCloud due copyright issues, feel free to download it here for absolutely no charge! <3

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