Sneaky Peakin'.

Sneaky Peakin'

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  • pikabob photo avatar
    Gina Wood - 2019/10/27 04:41:03

    Very smooth awesome phrasing!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Anomon - 2019/09/27 07:31:36

    @tunesma: Hiya, man! Haven't heard from you in a while! let's have a Deep Listen to what each of us has been doing. K. :) Cheers!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Anomon - 2018/12/10 05:40:31

    @alain-guerin-945326330: Merci beaucoup, Alain! :)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Alain GUERIN Collaborations - 2018/10/25 06:20:29

    MAGNIFIC... Great song. Bravo.

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Anomon - 2018/10/24 20:14:20

    @aaron_niles: ha ha. :)) Well said!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Aaron Niles | Composer - 2018/10/24 12:13:33

    @gary-courtland-miles: Yes, you are right. Chopin once said that simplicity is the highest achievable goal. Paradoxically, I believe, is that simplicity does not necessarily equate to ease.

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Anomon - 2018/10/24 05:51:42

    @aaron_niles: I so deeply appreciate your wise comment, Aaron, for as you know, it takes a whole lotta letting go and stripping away of unnecessary density to get to the essence of things! LOL :-D Thanks again, man!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Anomon - 2018/10/18 18:35:35

    @aaron_niles: It sure does, Aaron! Thanks, man. That's a lovely compliment! Cheers!:))

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Aaron Niles | Composer - 2018/10/18 09:36:34

    Your improvs always have such nice, authentic flow. It never feels like you are trying-in a good way-just "letting it flow" (if that makes sense).

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Anomon - 2018/10/07 17:31:20

    @tunesma: This one was fun and just came through in 15 minutes. :) I`m so glad you inJoyed it, Matthias. I`ve been really injoying your writing and arrangements on your last few albums. You continue to expand your abilities and wow, your accompaniments of Paolo are wonderfully fitting. They bouy him up beautifully. Something i`ve never developed a knack for. Play on, Matthias, Play on! :D

  • pikabob photo avatar
    TunesMA - 2018/10/07 14:09:30

    A great flow in your improvisation Gary. Always a nice pleasure to listen :)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Anomon - 2018/10/07 03:47:18

    @bruce-conover: me too, man! but i gotta tell ya, that it came straight out of an Improv with no prep or idea where it was goin'. :-D Amazing what sticks in the subconscious, huh! :-D Thanks again Bruce!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Anomon - 2018/10/07 03:39:32

    @bruce-conover: very lovely to hear, Bruce. Thank you, man! Peace Up! :-D

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Bruce Conover - 2018/10/06 11:33:11

    I like this vintage time in music history. Very reflective and calming to the soul.

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Anomon - 2018/10/04 08:22:59

    @joerxworx: so glad yo wrote on this one man. could you jump in with some precise 4 to 8 bar 'Inserts of Breath' and make this even cooler, bro? It'd be a PLASMA-FUSION, methinks! :D

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Anomon - 2018/10/02 04:51:11

    @synthgrinder-1: Hah hah... :-D O YES, you did, man! :-D Thanks!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Synthgrinder - 2018/10/02 01:42:57

    I think I just crossed over into the Cool Zone. Great Goin', Gary!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Anomon - 2018/09/29 06:31:01

    @dashforjoe: Hey man, I'm lovin;' how ya dug this one. ;) Thanks, let's stay in touch. Cheers! <3

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Dash Forjoe (Dash The Baptist) - 2018/09/28 11:02:32

    loving the subtle vibes to this, great musicality

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Anomon - 2018/09/24 19:09:01

    @daniel-weevers: Merci beaucoup, Daniel!



Just Jammin', havin' Fun, and All That JazZ! :) Hoping you'll inJOY this somewhat irreverent flow, folks. I did! :-D And for More Fun, just put it on Repeat, as if it's meant to be a Loop. ;) Cheers! :-D Gary Improvised and Recorded on a Kawai ES7 Digital Concert piano. © Gary Courtland-Miles 2018 ℗ Gary Courtland-Miles 2018

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