Sophisticated Logic - A Steely Dan Tribute Mix.

Sophisticated Logic - A Steely Dan Tribute Mix

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“Sophisticated Logic” (A Steely Dan Tribute) by All Good Funk Alliance Track listing: 1. Steely Dan “ Green Earrings” 2. Gabe the Devil “Kid Clean” - Samples “Green Earrings” “Here at the Western World” 3. Gabe the Devil “The Girls” - Samples “Sign in Stranger” 4. Gabe the Devil “Melanie” - Samples “Time out of Mind” 5. Gabe the Devil “The Lovers” - Samples “Peg” “Tim out of Mind” 6. Steely Dan “Hey Nineteen” (Sinusic remix) 7. Steely Dan “Hey Nineteen” 8. Gabe the Devil “Broadway Duchess” - Samples “Black Friday” “Caves of Altamira” 9. Lord Tariq, Peter Guns “Uptown, Baby” - Samples “Black Cow” 10. Steely Dan “Black Cow” 11. Gabe the Devil “Charlie” - Samples “Black Cow” “Through the Buzz” “Green Book” 12. Steely Dan “Peg” (DJ Twister Edit) 13. Sleeve “Get It On” - Samples “Peg” 14. Gabe the Devil “Jive Miguel” - Samples “Throw back the little Ones” “King of the World” 15. Gabe the Devil “Lady Bayside” - Samples “The Fez” “Glamour Profession” 16. Andrew Clark “L’Amour Session - Steely Dan” 17. Gabe the Devil “The Queen of Spain” - Samples “Only a Food would Say That” 18. Gabe the Devil “Chino” - Samples “Slang of Ages” “Home at Last” “Don’t take me alive” 19. Steely Dan “Do it Again (Flying Mojito Bros done it again remix) 20. Steely Dan “We Gonna Have A Wing Ding” (Fingerman’s Classic Edit) 21. Steely Dan “Jack of Speed” (Air Zaire Edit) 22. Gabe the Devil “Stangers” - Samples “Bad Sneakers” “Hey Nineteen” 23. Gabe the Devil “That Adorable Ghost” - Samples “Your Gold Teeth II” * All the Gabe the Devil songs are made completely using Steely Dan samples the samples listed are just main groove or sample, he used many more. Look up his project called “Day Glow Freaks”. * Special thanks to Gabe Shultz aka Gabe the Devil for all the songs and breakdowns of the samples and all his hard work. Thanks to Doc Delay and Frank Cueto for telling me to pick up Aja when I started digging for records. Thanks to the good folks at Guitarfish who let me play this mix live in the forest in front of a great crowd. Thank you Walter Becker and Donald Fagen for creating along with countless session musicians some of the best and most forward thinking rock music ever made.

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