Samuel Di Cont'Sha - At Home.

Samuel Di Cont'Sha - At Home

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STEM028 brings another new artist to the label in Samuel Di Cont'Sha from Paris, France. The title tracks' fluid motion is accompanied by dreamy synths, errant stabs, and an atmospheric bass line, setting the tone for the release. Don't be fooled by fellow frenchman F.E.M. 's 'Dream Mix' of the original, as it retains the core components of its predecessor, but with a darker, more driving overall feel. 'Release Sax' takes yet another turn into the deep end with a rolling bass line that sits under juicy percussion patterns and atmospheric, dubby sweeps and pads. Finally, 'At Home' rounds out the release with a true tech-roller vibe, engulfed with synth stabs and a relentless bass pattern sure to please any dancefloor. Keep your eye on Samuel Di Cont'Sha, F.E.M. and Stem & Leaf for future releases of quality underground dance music.

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