Tekos Lab - Back To Bambataa.

Tekos Lab - Back To Bambataa

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Tekos alias Patrizio Pallassini_Civitavecchia (RM) is born as a DJ playing techno in the last 90 years - earlyrave - earlyhardcore in some party organized by hardfuck in Rome. Begins to travel in Europe in the biggest hardcore party - earlyhardcore Dutch but in the meantime he attended numerous free party in Italy in 2009, so that leaves the hardcore scene now too commercialized and is dedicated to the production and tekno party. In 2011 he founded together with other boys Tekos LAB CREW beginning to organize party mostly tekno - tribe in 2014 began a new project with more electro sounds while remaining in style tekno underground. OldCityUndergroundResistence!

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