the prison.

the prison

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available for purchase here: The Vagrant and Local meet at night, both prepared to leave civilization behind. But just as they begin to leave, a twig snaps behind them - and a group of humans come out of the brush. The Vagrant and Local run for their lives, but are soon captured by the other humans. They are taken back to the nearest human town and locked up behind steel bars. They try to convince the guards to let them go; that humans and robots can cooperated and live together. But the guards won't listen. However, there is still hope. The Vagrant came up with a brilliant plan before, so she begins to think of a new one - for escaping the prison. Within only a few hours, the inattentive guards have fallen asleep and the Local and Vagrant are able to sneak away and escape. They are finally free! The two escape quickly but carefully into the night. What they don't realize is that what they have done is the final straw - a catalyst for what will become one of the deadliest conflicts in a thousand years.

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