Ubec C.E.O feat. Didjelirium - Fairy Tale.

Ubec C.E.O feat. Didjelirium - Fairy Tale

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    Didjelirium - 2012/10/10 05:39:40

    @yu-chi: <3 Sorry for the slow reply brother, been away from any online activity for a while, just to get in touch with reality around me for a little bit...then i'm back up cos, let's face it, reality is boring ! hahahah !!! Thanks a lot for your comment and support, as always, and hopefully can come see ya in Japan at some point so can do some more music together over there ! ;) Blessings !

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    Didjelirium - 2012/10/10 05:38:34

    @caligobeats: Hey hey ! Thanks ! This is how we like it ! :)

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    CNMKNGVII - 2012/10/09 10:36:53

    Now this is some sweet boom bap!

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    Caligo//kaːˈliː.ɡoː/ - 2012/09/05 08:54:44

    very unique style yo...but I like

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    yu-chi - 2012/09/01 15:13:10

    are you a machine which mass-produces only wonderful music? making such wonderful sounds from this short period of time has surely crossed human's region. wow, you are great.

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    Rudestep - 2012/08/30 20:07:39


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    BEN Z - 2012/08/29 21:31:50

    Very nice track fellas!

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    Didjelirium - 2012/08/28 19:32:11

    @josselin-taquet: Hey hey ! Alors ca ca me fait bien plaisir tiens, non seulement de voir l'agneau finalement sur Soundcloud (j'veux dire bon,c'est pas comme si tu etais un ignorant de la musique :p) mais en plus si ca le fait remuer, c'est que quelque part j'ai fait une bonne action. Je participe au bien-etre de mon agneau favori, et ca ca me donne le sourire! Hey hey! Merci de passer par ici l'ami ! ;)

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    Josselin Taquet - 2012/08/28 19:25:00

    C'est de la bombe ton son!!! ça fait bouger l'agneau...

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    Didjelirium - 2012/08/28 16:40:46


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    OneVision CrossWorlds - 2012/08/28 15:15:08

    great collab guys

  • pikabob photo avatar
    deep man - 2012/08/28 13:35:40

    sa balance,,,-))++

  • pikabob photo avatar
    YEHAIYAHAN - 2012/08/28 09:44:09

    cool one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Didjelirium - 2012/08/28 09:14:21

    @gettotheswitchback: Thanks for checking again what's going on here mate, much appreciated ! ;)

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    Didjelirium - 2012/08/28 09:13:56

    @gettotheswitchback: hey hey ! Un pote de Hong Kong, Chris 'Floyd' Cheung... Du bon sample, de la bonne vibe old school et la tete qui bouge, qui bouge, qui bouge... haha ! Ca fait du bien par ou ca passe en effet ! ;)

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    damscray aka Dead Duck - 2012/08/28 08:26:11


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    YOVNG VBEC GLOBAL - 2012/08/28 07:17:59

    BIG UP BREDDA DIDJE LARGE & FLOYD CHUENG AGAIN FO DA BEAT!!!# HIGH-ALTITUDE MIXTAPE sooon come!!!!!# we fly straight then we create!!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Didjelirium - 2012/08/28 07:10:36

    @gnetsound: Hey hey ! Damn you're fast on that one gal ! ;) Always much appreciate you stick around here and sharing the love ! Thanks a lot for the support, always ! Bless ! ;)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    gnetsound - 2012/08/28 07:06:56

    uhhhh! I'm first again! hey I still need to read the description...lyrics too! but as it is...CooL beat! Cool stuff...Cheers guys.....CharlieD & Ubec!



Another collaboration with my bredren Ubec 'Smuggla' C.E.O : Meeting up weekly to share riddims, smoky words and worthy smoke, here is the latest track we came up with. Free variation on the theme 'Fairy Tale', as imposed by Didjelirium and his despotic tendency to conceptualize everything... :p With another great beat by Hong-Kong massive producer : CHRIS "floydcheung" CHEUNG For UBECHIGH-ALTITUDE MIXTAPE 2012 LYRICS Fairy tale VERSE UBEC : i like birds,we fly straight then we create not dat basic rate its da level yall cyant hesitate dem play 2 much,make sure yall know d game coz er'day is not yesterday some nightmares & dreams northern lights cookies n cream i got me dreamteam apple juice not dat apple poisonous chilled bonghits prerolled coneshapes conscious music high-altitude mixtape see' dey tryna get real status back me' im tryna get da real story back can yall handle dat try & fail go 2 jail meanwhile i am here in d owners place tyrna get dis high case pon da right spot & place nuh showcase it gunna take sometime but please dun b inna hurry CHORUS : Fairy tale, tell me bout your fairy tale Is there any ferry to Another destination ? Cos i'm very pale, Yes i'm feeling very stale Don't mix up the truth With your imagination. VERSE DIDJE : I'm walking like the lion king amidst mice and men, Trapped by the dwarves of a Snow White ignoring nice semen ; Least humane way to be killed and beautiful Than the one who has no sex and pretend to be no fool, while Sins and sinners seems to be the new hype scene out there I wonder how many white knights will show up at the fair, Or will the standards of our fairy tales be left so few : Once upon a time there was a prince, he banged a whore or two The princess is a sixteen years old blonde single mom She loves ponies and the drugs they take in her sitcom Her uncle, let's call him 'the dad', is real evil guy His teeth are always grinding and he wears a tie He lives up there in his castle If ya ask any townsfolk they reply : watchya wunt wid dat arsehole ? The village is everything, the rest is unknown Life as it is, a peace of your own...

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