Vampire - Boris Brejcha (Original Mix) Preview.

Vampire - Boris Brejcha (Original Mix) Preview

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"Feuerfalter - Part02" ALBUM Tracklisting: 1. Puki 2. Anthurie 3. Prisma 4. Spacecraft To Mars 5. Push It 6. Vampire 7. Lonely Planet 8. Purple Noise 9. In Memory Of Love Release date: 21.02.2014 Label: Harthouse Format: CD, MP3 Have fun! Pre-Order here: Amazon: Humpty…setDC=&lang=en Join the competition! to win 1of 5 packages. Just click on the link: Description: Music is colorful, diverse and vibrant as the butterflies. Almost 180,000 different species live in 127 families. The music by Boris Brejcha is like a "Feuerfalter" (copper). On one side the butterfly is relaxing and floating on the wind, but on the other hand he also sets with steam and fire to a fall into a low altitude. This is how it feels when Brejcha makes music. The fourth album is exactly the description of this "Feuerfalter", a kind of backflash into the impressive career of Boris Brejcha. An album that deliberately shows how the artist works versatile. Times slightly floating, sometimes wild hitting the wing, always full of passion. The influences of his travelings and performances characterize his art again. This creates a music that may be accompanied on Brejchas audience the whole day: at home, in a relaxed atmosphere or just at night, when the trip through the clubs starts. On the album "Feuerfalter" this individuality is turned on. Brejcha even picks up the desire of his ans to weave a few quieter tracks into his cosmos.

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