Viva La Vida (Violin Cover) By Priscilla Portales Music.

Viva La Vida (Violin Cover) By Priscilla Portales Music

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    Ryan Colson - 2015/11/13 19:21:31

    make more

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    csaumeth - 2015/07/09 18:44:57

    Suena genial pris!!! ??



Inspired by David Garrett, I decided to make my own version of Viva la Vida by Coldplay in which I recreated all the parts of the song with only the sound of my violin. To achieve this, I analyzed the song from A to Z and started imagining the different voices in my head thinking of the best way to play it. My version is more on the instrumental side although I incorporated some drums along the song to give it more body whereas David's version gives a more of an electric vibe (in my opinion), anyways, thanks for listening! An upcoming video is on the way (yay) so that'll be uploaded very soon on my youtube channel. Don't forget to like If you enjoyed the piece, it helps me a lot!! :) No copyright intended Priscilla Portales Music For more please visit:

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