We Don't Deal In Crustaceans.

We Don't Deal In Crustaceans

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One Move is AJE’s first album as a full trio. Previous efforts such as The Jolly Holiday Beat Tape and Crab Man have featured all three on disparate tracks with some cross-pollination, but this is the first (about) time Amos Damroth, Jonah Toussaint, and Elias Jarzombek have put their heads together and made a truly collective LP. Thusly, the record blends their respective styles and sensibilities: wiry guitar and awry textures from Amos, ear-worm drums and sample-mischief from Jonah, big-room taste and production gloss from Elias. It’s a listener’s toy box, themed around a bold genre-defying creativity, nimble humor, and an ability to manipulate tracks in rubix-cube fashion — constantly flipping, rearranging, and finding fresh grooves. Download for Free / Buy a CD at: a.j.e.bmc(at)

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