Didjelirium - What if ? (Prod. by Mister Matt).

Didjelirium - What if ? (Prod. by Mister Matt)

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While wrapping up my reggae album, I am still enjoying some hip hop times with some hip hop heads ! ;) Musically silent, but still alive folks, still alive, and here beating it with Mister Matt on the production ====== LYRICS ====== What if ? VERSE 1 : It's not like everyday we got the chance to right the wrongs we've done so far 'F you could start it over, tell me what'd be different ? Would there be so many wars ? Or would you try to make it all anew Like a renovated avenue Shining so bright under so many lights. Tell me what you gonna do When there's no more going back to the time when happiness was not a crime Hiding our face in this rat race luckily the bass hit me everytime And everytime we're moving I found peace when the dancefloor's grooving If i'd go back in time i'd make sure that the Rhyme is taught at school so the children Can talk the talk and walk the walk and break the fake and choke the snake and take the smoke Outta dem eyes to realise the lies they've been giving Stuffed by the media cos the negative news is a business indeed And then wake up, with no make up no photoshop pon the truth There's No better way to rewrite history than lying straight to the youth So what if we all could surf on the sands of Time, would there be Many many smiling faces around, or would I be surrounded by enemies ? Would I be the minimum amount of a man if i never wanted to use my eyes to see ? no real emergency But I blame it on the world if i'm a mad MC CHORUS : Be brave, Be brave What will we harvest when we're only planting graves ? Be wise, Be wise, We cannot grow Truth when we're only planting lies (X2) VERSE 2 : If ya wanna live, follow me to the final destination Where we gonna find the pieces we've been missing to finish this illustration About the flaws that we let go when Contaminated by the ego's mend We can't see so no more how the evil ends When we contemplate it and we call it friend and Some of us s'been giving and giving but it seems there's no limit For the ones who take and take while never giving back, the worst is they mean it Invented a race then set the rules so we can never win it We might not be able to go back but we can still ask to wait a minute What if the world wasn't 'bout only making a few richer Money is a monster, so get me the number of the most efficient witcher When you got everything, when you got the power, yet you want more, you're a creature You're so possessed by greed i'm afraid we need to call a preacher So what if we could bring out the good in each and everyone Don't ya wanna see your neighborhood united as one Sure we got plenty enough food to share with someone What if we could get only one "what if?" Would you choose to be the one ?

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