X-Ray Riff Machine.

X-Ray Riff Machine

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    Killa Supreme - 2017/06/04 11:47:35


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    Splippleman - 2015/08/01 20:51:51

    @jamie-slate: Thanks, Jamie!! :)

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    Jamie Slate - 2015/08/01 20:25:44

    nice drive, song takes you somewhere, good job fellows!

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    Splippleman - 2015/03/03 01:43:30

    @deltomix: Than you very much!!

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    Splippleman - 2015/03/03 01:31:02

    @paul-errington: Wow!! Thank you so much, my friend! :)

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    PaulErringtonOfficial - 2015/03/02 13:53:21


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    Splippleman - 2015/02/14 13:32:32

    @dick-van-gam: Thanks! And thank you for sharing our song!! :)

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    Glam Van - 2015/02/13 02:37:49


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    mys_U - 2015/02/06 01:18:06

    so pop!nice work

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    Splippleman - 2014/12/23 20:02:41

    @alexandre-vianna-soares: Thank you very much! :)

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    alexvianna - 2014/12/23 11:01:16

    Awsome !!!

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    Splippleman - 2014/11/20 00:39:05

    @gallous: Thanks, Gallous!! :)

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    Gallous - 2014/11/15 19:00:26

    Nice track, good guitar work and great drums

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    Splippleman - 2014/11/08 15:51:00

    @thelucidsband: Oh! Thank you very much!!! :)

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    The Lucids - 2014/11/01 14:30:35

    great song, really nice riff..

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    Splippleman - 2014/11/01 14:08:24

    @man-on-a-grill: haha! Riff is always a good choice! Thank you!

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    man On a grill - 2014/11/01 00:59:21

    "The machine that goes... Riff" ? Great song :)

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    Splippleman - 2014/10/25 13:38:08

    @thecapistranobirds: Thank you very much, friends!! :)

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    The Capistrano Birds - 2014/10/24 14:34:14

    @splippleman: You all are most welcome!!\(*^*)/great tune!

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    Splippleman - 2014/10/16 22:10:24

    @thecapistranobirds: You guys are so kind! :) Thank you! We're glad you liked!



X-RAY RIFF MACHINE Music: Fabio Serpe - Lyrics: Lincoln Fabricio, Ivan Justen Santana - I was at the airport just waiting in line You caught my attention and I just couldn’t hide Passing through the x-ray machine You seemed like a princess about to be queen The machine beeped (bip-bip, bip): you had to come again “Take off all your rings”, said the guy working there Passing through the x-ray machine Again like a princess about to be queen Queen... I wish I was That x-ray machine To keep forcing you To pass through me To see you inside My heart and eyes To keep you with me Forever in line It beeped once more, once more come again You took off your earrings and the bracelets Then again through the machine Now you were our princess and our queen Yeah... You took off your shoes I wished the dress would come off too Your legs could kill Above high heels You could even be Like an Elvis’ queen And then I could be Your x-ray riff machine Recorded at Abbey Road Studios (Studio 2) London, July 8-9, 2013 Mixed by Chris Bolster Mastered by Alex Wharton Spippleman: Lincoln Fabricio: vocals Fábio Serpe: Fender guitar, backing vocals Ricardo Bastos: Rickenbacker bass Emanuel Moon: Ludwig drums Sérgio Justen: Steinway piano, Hammond B3

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