iO Sounds - You/Me EP (Preview) [Vinyl out 13/05/13 Digital 27/05/13].

iO Sounds - You/Me EP (Preview) [Vinyl out 13/05/13 Digital 27/05/13]

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Diamond & Raw serve up their second EP here, this time from auspicious London producer iO Sounds (formerly just iO) aka Rob Burn, complete with remixes from Forget Me Not, Mak & Pasteman, Ado and Lakosa. With just a couple of releases behind him on labels like MadTech and Infinite Machine, Burn has showed much promise with his fresh house rhythms and continues to do so here. The EP kicks of with the Balearic, aqueous house of You/Me, which soon grows much pricklier and edgier with skittish snare patterns, rolling FX and echoing, indecipherable vocals. Well designed and full of invention it’s as physical as it is catchy. The same track comes with three remixes, the first by edit happy bass boys Mak & Pasteman who turn it into a more bass driven affair with ravey synth stabs and plenty of coiled energy before Losing Suki alumni and Bristol threesome Forget Me Not chop up the rhythms, lace in some tough wooden sounding synths and allow the track to boil and bubble without ever brimming over. Blood Music’s Ado provides the final digi-only re-rub and it’s a much slower, more predatory affair that lurches between kicks with some weird effects and knife edge, saw toothed synth lines rising and falling throughout. The other original is Dirty Little Secret, which again starts all shimmery and beachy before exploding into a mélange of underground UK styles from house to bass with a crystal clear female vocal soaring all the while. The kicks are nice and freeform, padding out a steppy pattern as hi hats and claps race above. It’s Madtech producer Lakosa who gets the nod for the remix this time and opts for a slow and swampy deep house cut with dusted hi hats and rolling kicks going forever deeper as the vocal floats like a mirage above. Only two releases in and Diamond & Raw show they have a great ear for A&R and are intent on taking house music into the future. Release Date: 13/05/2013 (Vinyl) 27/05/2013 (Digital) 1. You/Me 2. You/Me (Mak & Pasteman Remix) 3. You/Me (Forget Me Not Remix) 4. Dirty Little Secret 5. Dirty Little Secret (Lakosa Remix) 6. You/Me (Ado Remix) [Digital release only]

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